The progress of the internet is often measured in technological advancements (e.g. wired vs. wireless service, connection speed, and accessibility) but it could be measured just as easily by tracking the dominant forms of online media. At first, it was words that ruled the online media world. However, as technology progressed, more sites began to devote space to photos and other graphical layouts in order to broaden their appeal in a competitive online space.

Though current technological abilities allow us to enjoy a bustling multimedia online world that encompasses everything that came before, there can still be little doubt that video is currently the king of internet media. Once seen as a luxury only to be used when necessity dictated that nothing else would do, now video is a go-to method for relaying all kinds of information and services.

Besides its incredible popularity, however, the biggest reason that every website operator should consider incorporating video is because it leads to very real benefits that help your website grow. By featuring video more prominently on your website, you will see such results as:

Greater Search Engine Exposure

Google and other popular search engines now take video content into SEO consideration when calculating search result rankings. Furthermore, having video on your website can help you to gain additional exposure within a search result page thanks to search engine’s abilities to embed videos within result pages. This means that there is a chance that the video content itself can appear along with the post regarding your content, which effectively doubles your exposure within that result.

Additionally, by hosting your video on third party video websites such as YouTube, you can gain additional search result exposure by increasing your odds of content appearing across multiple platforms.

Increased User Engagement

A multimedia website that prominently features video content doesn’t just help to drive more users to your site but also helps to ensure that they stay there longer. By making your site content more varied, you present your users with more engaging media alternatives to browse through.

Videos specifically are excellent at increasing engagement statistics due to their personal nature. A video speaks directly to the viewer and the viewer, in turn, feels a more direct connection because of that interaction. This makes them an invaluable way to showcase a service or perform a call to action.

Increases Entertainment Value

Whereas once some websites shunned video as a tool for simple amusement that may not directly benefit their particular service, now it is becoming increasingly clear that all websites can benefit from the entertainment value that video provides. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your videos must be specifically designed with entertainment in mind, but rather that simply having videos available in the first place will raise the natural entertainment value of your site.

However, the full value of this benefit most certainly does go to those who use video as an opportunity to infuse personality into their content or services. This is typically accomplished by focusing your video content on individuals who best represent the spirit and personality of your company, but can also be achieved through using enhanced production techniques, which eXpect3 is proficient in, to more easily engage the viewer and stand out from your competition.

Results In More Return Visits

Video can help draw more visitors to your site, it can help keep them there longer and – perhaps most importantly – it can help to ensure that they return in the future. You should already be creating regular content updates for your website in order to give your users more incentive to check in regularly, that only becomes more effective when you use the engaging properties of video content to further increase their desire for continued visits.

The key to maximizing this benefit lies in both the consistency of your video output and maintaining a consistency in the quality of the video itself as to best increase your chances of converting curious browsers into engaged, regular visitors. Allow our experts at eXpect3 Tulsa Website Design, to assist you in all things video, contact us today, either online or by phone (918)379-9400.