Some have said that a good picture says a thousand words and a good video ten thousand words.

But what about a drone video? Many times we’ve seen this leave people speechless. 

The Value of Drone Videos

One of the most important impacts of a drone video is that you often give people a visual picture that will stay in their minds longer.  Drone footage allows you to take your viewers and customers on a ride and tell them a story from a much different perspective than usual. Most importantly, a drone video can help your message to be elevated (pun intended) with a visual that is unforgettable.

Our team at E3 has embraced this new technology and we have found the ability to use drones to shoot videos as another important side to visually communicate. When done well, a drone can give you an added dimension to your marketing.


Common Uses for Drone Videos

We’ve seen drones used for a lot of different purposes, but we normally use our drone videos for “B-roll” footage to help capture geography and local monuments. Here are some other practical ways in which you can use a drone for video marketing:

  • Real Estate Videos
  • Aerial Surveying Videos
  • New Building Construction Videos
  • TV Commercials and Spots
  • Sports Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Wedding Videos

Tulsa Drone Videos

Aerial drone footage is much cheaper than you might think and is an extremely effective tool for your marketing. If you would like to have us shoot video for an event or capture some footage of your building, contact us today for a quote and for any questions you may have. We would also be happy to give you some samples of our work so you can see the amazing quality and benefits of having drone video. Call our offices today in Tulsa and Broken Arrow at 918-379-9400.