The year is 1990, the world wide web has just launched, and businesses around the world are about to take on a new frontier. Going from news spreading through television, radio, print ads, and old-fashioned word of mouth, content would now be posted and immediately seen across the globe in an instant. Businesses who could once manage their own destiny and marketing platforms were now at the mercy of their customer’s opinions that were posted publicly for everyone to see. The rise of the internet has changed the game of business reputation management forever. Now a company’s good name and brand can end up being defined by someone you don’t even know.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is the way in which we shape your brand and present it to the world through various marketing platforms. Reputation Management is how you steward your presence across the internet and specifically on review websites. This means needing to being constantly aware of how your company presents themselves as well as how others perceive you.

The best brands know how to connect with their customers and understand how to respond in a positive and respectful manner when negative publicity arises. Some people may see Reputation Management as a way of protecting their company from the naysayers, however, it is also taking a proactive approach to present your company in a positive light. Reputation Management can be synonymous with storytelling, marketing, and brand awareness.


Why Do You Need Reputation Management?

Most businesses have learned the hard way that most consumers now research a product or service online before ever placing a call or an order. This means that to be business savvy, you now need to be extremely sensitive to your client’s perception of you. Nowadays, both good and bad moves by any company are broadcast immediately through things such as social media, videos, blogs, and websites. If left unanswered or undiscovered, these negative reviews can destroy or harm your future business. Many times, leaving a bad review alone and unaddressed can be just as harmful as the negative review itself. If you care about the future of your company, then Reputation Management must become an extremely high priority.

How Is Reputation Management Done?

If Reputation Management is taking care of how you are seen on the various platforms of the internet, then the first step is staying proactive on all fronts of the internet, this means constantly monitoring your brand’s online fingerprint. Just like a good detective would review a suspect’s past, present, and future actions, you need to review every possible avenue on which your company’s name or brand could be mentioned on the internet.


Here are four common ways in which Reputation Management is done:

Monitoring Review SitesWe keep our eyes on your ratings and reviews on sites such as Google or Yelp. Often times displeased customers will want to vocalize their issues on these types of sites.
Monitoring Social MediaWe can not only post regularly about your business on social media, but we are watchful of when your business is mentioned on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media is quickly becoming the highest rated platform for customer opinions.
Monitoring Other BusinessesKnowing who your closest competitors are, it’s always wise to watch their marketing practices and their own reputation management.
Happy ClientsMost businesses love to reward their customers, but there is nothing more rewarding to a business than an extremely happy customer. Why? Because they will tell their friends! A great way to keep a positive reputation is to ask happy customers to write a short testimonial or review about your company after their experience. This helps for other potential customers to build immediate trust in your business.

How Do I Know If I Need Help?

The goal of having a good reputation is to stand out for good reasons. It can be said that having no reputation is as potentially dangerous as having a bad reputation.  Good reviews give people a reason to trust you. To truly self-evaluate your own business, do yourself a favor and “Google” the name of your company. If you can’t find anything good about your company, or if you find only negative reviews such as anything critiquing your business or below a 4 on a 5 point scale), or if you find nothing at all, this means you’re a prime candidate for help. Remember that in addition to having great reviews, you need a great website to accurately represent your company.

Get Our Help

Our team at eXpect3 specializes in helping businesses put their best foot forward. Many times, making small improvements in your reputation can truly have a dramatic effect on your future. We would love to take the time to truly help your business and give you answers that you need to reach your goals. To have our team analyze and evaluate your current reputation from an outsiders view, contact us by calling our office at 918-379-9400.