What Is Branding?

Branding can be defined as the establishment of your company’s name, reputation, and image, through an intentional marketing strategy to differentiate you in your market. It can also be defined as the heart and soul of your company. Most companies often use logos, colors, slogans, taglines, sound bites, jingles, spokespeople, and other creative elements to establish a recognizable presence and identity to attract customers. The key to good marketing is to be recognizable and memorable which starts by telling people your story, and especially, your heart. The most effective branding helps to create immediate recognition and trusted value in a customer’s view of your company. Good marketing in partnership with branding will help people understand who you are more effectively. 

How Can You Do Branding Well?

The best brands are recognizable, memorable, personal, consistent, and intentional. They create a positive feeling and make you want to trust them. Horrible branding, however, makes you cringe and leaves you asking the question, “what was that one company’s name again?” A company with lazy marketing and branding is easily forgettable and often makes it hard to be loyal. The brands that focus on differentiating from their competition and maintaining a loyal customer base, often continue along a path of continual growth. Good branding is simply communicating your company identity and presenting your value in a memorable way. 


Here is what we focus on when cultivating your brand:

Keep it SimpleChic-fil-a, Nike, McDonalds, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart – what do all of these brands have in common? They are easy to recognize and remember. Why? Because their logo & colors just popped into your head. The first step to being recognizable as a brand is to have a simple and easily defined logo. Most people only remember simple details. As a result, great graphic designers will tell you to stick to simple shapes, single colors, and limited words. Just keep it simple.
Be MemorablePart of what makes a brand valuable to a customer is the ease involved in their customer experience, the benefits of their service or product, and their ability to fulfill expectations. If a client can’t think positively about your benefits, services, and client experience, then you probably need to rethink your personal brand. Whether it’s low prices, a giveaway or reliable service, people need a reason to remember you. Humor is also a great way to help people remember the joy from a good laugh. Also, the best kind of marketing is leaving that memorable first impression or that feeling of positivity.
Be PersonableGreat brands find ways to create an emotional and relational connection with their customers. The best brands know how to become irreplaceable to their customers. This kind of relationship starts with knowing how to grab their attention and fulfilling their exact needs. Great brands also have a strong presence on social media in order to connect with their clients. We can set you up with videos and social media as a form of customer connection and brand marketing.
Be ConsistentOne of the worst feelings is getting a report that you have come up short of important goals and customer expectations. And this is a common reality for most businesses; however, your response to falling short can be a crucial part of your company’s reputation. The best brands have the ability to gracefully acknowledge their shortcomings in a way that gives back to their customers. We can teach your brand how to respond. Consistency in your response will set a precedence of excellent customer service.
Be IntentionalThe best companies in the world know how to communicate and serve with excellence. Apple is a great example of a brand that knows its customer base and knows how to reach people – by intentionally over-communicating in everything they do. Not only do they convert and reconvert customers by anticipating the trends in their market and performing great customer service, but they also do an amazing job of communicating who they are and their goals regularly. Many people don’t just buy Apple computers because they are trendy, but rather, because they constantly announce their standards and values intentionally. Good brands use their marketing to continually emphasize who they are, what they do, and why they do what they do.


How Do You Know If Your Branding Is Working?

Believe it or not, there are several measurable results for truly evaluating the success of your brand strategies and initiatives. If people are buying into your brand, they will show you with their actions, their words, and their wallets. As you make changes, you should keep a close eye on your results to ensure the effectiveness of your actions. Any sort of slip or jump in results should indicate your brand direction. The biggest measure of your success is the percentage of your repeat customers as well as the actions that take place in the sales process.

Here are some specific key areas to watch to determine your success:

Phone Calls
Contact Forms Submitted
Call To Action Successes
Clicks Per Visit
Abandonment Rates
New Sales
Repeat Sales
Social Media Likes
Social Media Shares
Positive Reviews
Outside Referrals From Other Businesses

Tulsa Branding and Marketing

All of the marketing comes down to being seen, heard, and known. If you can accomplish these things with your brand, then you will probably find yourself in a great deal of success. However, there are small steps that must take place before good marketing can occur. At eXpect3, we want to drive your brand home with your customers by creatively consulting and advising you. From Logo Design and Website Development to Social Media and Pay-Per-Click, let us cultivate the best version of your brand and present it to the world. Call us at (918) 379-9400, contact us online today, or stop by our offices in Broken Arrow near Tulsa, OK.