The world of marketing has been constantly evolving since the onset of technology. Many companies shifted their marketing dollars from the traditional marketing methods such as television, print, and billboard to the world of online marketing. The result of doing this has had a profound impact on many businesses as their marketing efforts have begun to penetrate their client base deeper with the use of computers, phones, and tablets. The key to online marketing is to present your business where people are spending the majority of their time and attention – currently, this means using websitesvideos, and social media


What Exactly Is Online Marketing?

Marketing can simply be defined as the set of actions and processes for communicating, creating, and delivering a set of values or benefits to customers. Normally, marketing is the method that most businesses us to present their value in hopes of making a sale, achieving a business partnership, and the delivery of a product or service. When describing Online Marketing, the same principles can be used. However, online marketing uses the internet, and especially through social media and website design and content, to convey the value of a business. 


The Downsides To Traditional Marketing Platforms

Television AdvertisingTelevision advertising has seen its share of challenges since technology was introduced into the marketing place. Customers now have the ability to record their favorite show and skip the advertising. Furthermore, it’s hard to calculate and really know the amount of eyes that are actually seeing your add on their television and to purchase a spot during the best times to advertise can be extremely expensive. The sad truth is that most television advertising is ignored unless it is presented at the right way, at the right time, to the right audience. In some cases, TV advertising can be effective, but you might have to spend a lot to get the results you want.

Billboard AdvertisingThe intrusive approach to advertising through billboards can be a great way to brand or catch the attention of thousands of potential clients. Billboard advertising does not work for every product or company, but if your targeted marketing segment is a large group, billboard advertising may be perfect for you. The downside to most billboard adds are that they can be extremely expensive, they don’t give you enough space (or time if someone is driving) to convey your message, and you are limited to a broad audience. Billboards are also hard to use for call to actions.

Print AdvertisingPrint advertising is still one of the best ways to ensure you can hit your local targeted market. The postal service created a product called “Every Door Direct Mail” which allows companies to drop an advertising piece to every door in a particular zip code. The advantage is, that the cost for dropping the piece is minimal because it is not directed to a particular individual, so it does not have to be sorted. The mail person simply puts the marketing piece in every mailbox in that given zip code. 

However,  if your company desires to do more business to business instead of business to consumer work you can simply target zip codes in the business district. The only major downside to print advertising is that it can sometimes be an oversaturated market. Thus, the key is to have great design and graphics on your print to help grab attention. It is also very important to have simple forms of information on anything printed so as to simply guide people towards your website or actions.


The Advantages To Online Marketing

Now that we have covered the basics of traditional marketing, it is crucial to consider the reasons why Online Marketing is crucial. Here are a couple of easy reasons for you to invest more in your business’s online marketing strategy:


– Although some forms of internet marketing can be broad, the benefit of anyone using a search engine is that you have to be specific with your search words to find what you are looking for. This means that for anyone searching for your type of business, you can predict what keywords they will be using to find you. Knowing those specific keywords can give you an advantage to make sure that you use those words on your website and that you are visible when someone is looking for help, a product, or service in your areas. The process of helping your visibility and ranking on Google is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If done right, SEO can help your business be upfront and visible when people are looking for you. Pay-Per-Click can also be a useful tool to help your business stand out during a targeted search.


As opposed to traditional marketing, the advantage to online marketing is that you can take people directly to your website for information about your business. This is essentially like bringing your potential client into your front lobby and introducing yourself to them to make that personal connection. In most other marketing methods, such as a billboard or a television ad, your viewer has a limited time of exposure to your business and they would then have to exude more effort to get to know your business by going to your website. This could also be considered a more formal way of marketing. In addition, with the use of social media, your business has the ability to connect with clients where they spend their free time.


– As mentioned above, when doing traditional marketing, you have a limited time of exposure, and thus, a limited amount of information that you can communicate. This means that you may not be able to do a great job of presenting the value of your business or services in such short period of a time. However, with the use of websites that contain written content and video, you can now do a much better job of answering the questions of your potential customers and giving them the value they are looking for before they buy. 


– With the use of website design, videos, and social media, you can now develop your business’s brand personality. This is especially crucial in a day when most people buy off what they feel. Giving people a glimpse into your company culture, your vision, and your heartbeat can help them establish trust and loyalty. Most people feel like they can trust relatable businesses that communicate on their level and in their terms. Do this by showing who you are and taking off the business mask and you will see measurable results.

Tailored to You

We understand that Marketing is more than a gimmick and more than a simple ad. Rather, it’s conveying who you are and giving people a glimpse into the heart of your business. We would love to sit down with you to talk through the heart of your business and then help your clients see this through targeted and intentional marketing. Give us a call at (918) 379-9400, contact us online, or stop by our offices in Broken Arrow near Tulsa, OK.