Most people check their phone right before bed…

Then check it again when they wake up, after breakfast, before lunch, during lunch, at coffee break, in the bathroom, in the waiting room, etc. The list goes on and on. Social Media has become the greatest place where most people spend their free time, not to mention, the number one resource for news and entertainment.

As technology grows, it’s important for any kind of marketing to be where your clients are and engaging them on their level. Social Media Marketing does just that. Most people spend their time looking at their friends photo’s, watching videos, and skimming through large amounts of information. If you want to be successful, your business HAS TO BE right in the center of their regular social media, with a simple, creative, and attractive message.

More than just becoming visible, it is just as vital that your business begins the process of engaging with your clients.

What Is Social Media Engagement?

Social Media Engagement is simply responding to your clients when they respond to you. Engagement can also be defined as the ongoing communication between parties. For example, when you post on Facebook and your friends respond with a comment, a “like,” or even sharing your post with others, this is post engagement.

Simple right?

Businesses must continue past the initial onset of communication. In Social Media terms, your must continue a conversation with your clients. For Example, if one of your friends posts a picture and you comment on it, they respond to your comment. Engagement is not just one action or one communication, but a chain of ongoing actions and communications back and forth.

Why is Social Media Engagement Important?

Statistically speaking, when people feel heard and when their needs are met, their conversion rate increases drastically. Sales spike, phones start ringing, emails start coming through. People want to connect with other people that engage with them. In a world where everyone is advertising loudly, engagement is the next way to differentiate your brand and show that you care for your clients. Speak to them on their level and their customer loyalty will double.


Ways to Engage Your Clients

Here are a few ways to engage your clients on Social Media:

  • Like and comment on your audiences’ posts. Engage them in their world, don’t wait for them to come to you. It also helps them to know that there is a real person behind the corporate facade.
  • Diversify content. People don’t want to see the same things all the time.
  • Create posts that provide click-through rate, not even necessarily to your website, but something interesting.
  • Don’t Abuse, Don’t Spam, Don’t Neglect trending channels. Be relevant. Give people information that they care about or will find interesting.
  • Use Hashtags and insert links into posts, especially if you’re posting an image.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your audience questions. Ask them to engage with you.
  • It’s okay to repost popular posts. Share what’s trending and add your own spin on it.
  • When someone “likes” or “follows” your page, send them a direct message saying “Hi, thank you for following our page…is there anyway I can be of service? (fill in the blank with what your company services).
  • Post Quality Information Often. 5-7 times a week is optimal. 3-4 is effective. 1-3 is minimal and will not get you as much results.
  • Use social media’s insight data
  • Post photos and video that capture people’s attention.
  • Keep your posts simple with minimal amounts of information.
  • Respond to your clients when they respond to you. When the comment, say “Thank You” or comment back. Like their posts. Stay engaged with them.

Give your clients the attention that they are looking for and they will give it right back.

Engagement Used As A Success Indicator

If your business posts useless information, your level of customer engagement will be minimal. In simple business terms, if people like what you do they will tell you with their money and with their time. That’s branding. Thus, profit, sales, emails, and phone calls are great ways to know if you are reaching your market. Your clients make it obvious when you’re doing something right by responding to you. When looking at social media, if people are not responding to your posts with comments, likes, or shares, your social media is probably not hitting the optimal target audience or is not grabbing attention.

Ways of Improving Social Media Engagement

  • Post Quality Information Often. 5-7 times a week is optimal. 3-4 is effective. 1-3 is minimal and will not get you as much results.
  • Post information that is relevant and attention grabbing
  • Use social media’s insight data
  • Post photos and video
  • Keep your posts simple with minimal amounts of information
  • Respond to your clients when they respond to you

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