The key to good marketing is starting with a plan, a clear direction, and a clear purpose. You have to get a treasure map together in order to get to the “treasure” of new clients. This treasure map starts with your mission and value statements. This means directing your company to clear purposes in every area of your functionality and marketing. You need to know the “why” behind your presentation, words, and promotions. Why should you clients choose you? Why is your product or service valuable? Why should your company believe in your product or service?

Why The “Why”?

Simple enough, this “why” is your selling point to your clients. It’s also the selling point of your company. It’s a smart business principle to see every single employee, from top to bottom, as your greatest salesman. If they don’t believe in your “why” your customers will smell the hesitation or doubt from a mile away, and never come close. If your workers don’t believe in your product, your clients never will. Your business foundation has to start here in order to be successful.


Getting A Marketing Plan

After you define your “why” the next step is putting together a marketing plan that can be executed throughout your business. You have to define who your target clients are, your pricing and positioning, and the distribution of your product. Your goal has to be formulating a plan that can easily be fluid and funnel your prospect clients into your sales pipeline. From start to finish, you will need to track a potential client through a process of how they might convert into buying your service or product. This means analyzing every step along the way and constantly optimizing to get the best conversion rate. This means troubleshooting any possible hesitation along the buying process. Below  is a basic example of a marketing plan that can help you move your company forward.

Your Treasure Map Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan starts with asking questions, defining your company “why,” and then making sure the “why” agrees with every part of your marketing efforts. If a marketing or sales action doesn’t agree, then it’s best to reset and find another tool or option that will agree with your “why.” Here are some basic points in your marketing plan that should be defined and can help you stay in alignment with your “why.”

  1. The Whythis is your purpose.
  2. The Whothis is your ideal customer.
  3. The Differencethis is how and why you are better.
  4. The Price and Positioningthis is how and where your product will be featured. This is also the value of your product.
  5. The Distributionthis how you will reach people and get your product to them.
  6. The Platformthis is where you will tell your story about your product, such as your website or social media.
  7. The Promotion Strategythis is how you will tell your story; such as through content, video, and pictures.
  8. The Conversion Strategy this is how you deepen your relationship with your clients and earn their trust.
  9. The Growth Strategythis is your plan of action for attracting more customers.
  10. The Referral Strategythis is the story you give people to tell and showcasing testimonials of your product.
  11. The Transaction Value Strategy this is how you continually improve the value of your product.
  12. The Retention Strategy this is how you keep your customers back and how you reward your loyal customers.

Putting Your Plan Into Action

One of the most important keys to developing  your marketing plan is formulating a strategy that can be proven time and time again. This means taking the time to change things in multiple areas over and over again. This also means allowing others to help you improve your strategy from time to time. Our team at eXpect3 is knowledgeable and sensitive enough to know how to partner with you towards improving your plan. We love working with local Tulsa business owners and building marketing strategies that can lead to higher results. If you don’t know where to start, contact our office today to schedule a consulting meeting with your business. You can reach our office at (918) 379-9400. We are so excited to help work with local businesses and take the Tulsa Web Design market to a higher level of excellence.