Marketing is often overlooked when business is booming and sales are soaring. This type of success is also a time where most companies tend to cut back on their marketing efforts. However, the truth is that marketing should never stop and should sometimes be the last place to cut back on your expenses. The problem is that most businesses don’t think this way. Many companies get impatient with marketing and learn the hard way that marketing is actually best done during times of success, not during times of duress. Marketing your business correctly takes time, intentionality, and patience. It requires the ability to assess and then make adjustments over and over again. Good marketing requires accuracy. The best companies understand this and desire to self-optimize in every facet of their marketing all the time.

If you are looking to get your business marketing rolling, here are a few areas that you should consider:

Business Marketing

Business marketing describes one of the most important strategies that we may use to bring your business up to where it needs to be. Sometimes the simplest of changes in how you present yourself to your potential clients can be the deciding factor to help take your business to the next level. Some of the simple ways that we might assess your business is by looking at your direct marketing efforts that include your brand, your communication, your logo, your website, and your reputation. However, the most important thing that we will assess is you. The common truth to all business marketing efforts is that if you aren’t likable, people won’t want to buy from you.


Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming the leading marketing tool on the internet. Starting in 2016, Google announced that they would be moving to incorporate more video because it was becoming one of the leading forms of communication. The key advantages to video are that it enables you to deliver information quickly and it allows people to see your personalitya key component for gaining a client’s trust. You ultimately have the potential to tell your business’s entire story, display the goods and leave a contact number in 30 seconds flat. That is a huge positive in this world of high technology and a deep need for instant gratification. At eXpect3, we would love to help you with producing some key marketing videos for your business or consult you on how you can better produce your own.

Social Media and Content Marketing

In addition to video, social media and content copywriting are two crucial elements of marketing that are used to build customer relationships. By using social media to make announcements, push sales initiatives, or answer questions, it allows you to speak directly to customers and meet your audience where they spend most of their free time. Furthermore, by producing great written and visual content that conveys value to your clients about your business, you can continue to peak their interest and provide answers to their basic questions. Sometimes all that’s needed to convert a client is by giving them a consistent feed of rich and engaging text. The key to both providing content and social media is to do both in a consistent and proactive manner. 


SEO and PPC Marketing

Internet marketing, also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are important strategies that help get visitors to your site where you can then present your business.

SEO is the method in which you present your website so that it becomes as visible as possible on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Some of the key components to SEO can sometimes be very complicated, but two of the most important aspects are to post quality content often and to give searchers the information that they need in a timely manner. Good SEO also tends to take more of a long-term approach and takes time to grow before you see high results.

PPC, on the other hand, typically costs more money, covers a shorter period of time, and stimulates more immediate growth than SEO. PPC usually yields a much faster result by using paid banner advertising, linking, and Google ads, which position you in front of clients by bidding on that advertising space. However, PPC doesn’t contribute to your website’s long term SEO value and should be seen as more of a short-term booster. If you are a business owner that is curious with PPC or SEO, we would love to share our knowledge with you or help build a balanced campaign to drive up your business marketing influence.

Let Us Market For You

The basics of marketing do not often mean you have to do everything by yourself. But you do have to do something. If you need help with your marketing and you want to save money by not hiring a full-time marketing position, let us help you. Our staff of experts has the experience to help you be successful no matter that level of marketing you are at. Contact us today for any of your marketing or web design needs by calling 918-379-9400.