What is a Video Blog?

Since the dawn of the Internet, posting blogs online has been a way for people to engage with communities across the globe. Blogs began with the purpose of helping people journal or document their everyday experiences. When looking at a business, blogs can useful to help keep people up to date as a news source to your business activity. Blogs can even be used to concentrate ideas and create unique marketing posts. That said, In our modern technological renaissance, videos often take the place of written words, and video blogging, or “vlogging” offers a variety of benefits. Below are just a few examples:

As our society has advanced and our world has encountered a modern technological renaissance, videos have begun to take the place of written words.  People are now more and more likely to watch a video than they are to read an article. This is where Video Blogging, also known as “vlogging,” came about. It is taking the same journaling or new feed concept of a blog, removing the text, and instead making your content into a short video or a series of videos. 

How Can You Use Your Video Blog?

There are a variety of purposes for video blogs. However, here are a few of the most common reasons someone might have a video blog for their business.

  • To keep customers up to date with recent announcements and news about your business.
  • To market or display specific products or services that your business provides.
  • To educate and inform customers about topics related to your business.
  • To achieve a connection and build trust with customers.
  • To develop your brand personality and relatability with your customers.
  • To grow your business reputation and social media profile.


What Can A Video Blog Do For My Business?

1. Grow Your Influence  – With the help of a digital camera and a high-speed Internet connection, one can become a celebrity without ever leaving home. Video blogging has become an incredibly lucrative field of entertainment, and some vloggers are so famous that you may even catch them on a talk show. From blogs dedicated to cooking, makeup or even the paranormal, getting Internet famous can be as simple as finding a passion and energy that resonates with others. However, the key is to be authentic and success will follow. 

2. Marketing – One of the key aspects of video blogging is that it can be used to effectively market a variety of business ventures. Your product or service can be exemplary, but without a proper marketing campaign, customers will never know about it. The beauty of a video is that you can communicate a high volume of information in a very short window of time. When people are busy zooming back and forth between work, school and families, the appeal of a two-minute video can be quite alluring. Many successful entrepreneurs generate traffic to their websites by advertising their business in a video blog and keeping up-to-date with their social media. If a video blog becomes popular enough, other businesses may even ask to showcase their own advertisements as either part of a video, or a short segment before it. This can be an excellent way to market your business and maintain an expert status.

3. Entertainment – Undoubtedly, the most common use of video blogging is simply for fun. Although vlogging can be used for business, it doesn’t always have to be serious. Vlogging about one’s interests creatively can create a perfect storm for friendship, business partnership, and camaraderie. Some people post video blogs that are essentially small documentaries of their life, and especially charming personalities can prove to be entertaining. Doing this for your business could easily create a following of people that want to know more about you.

4. Education – Video blogs can be used to communicate a wealth of important information. They can especially be useful for communicating basic information about your business and educating your clients on the values of your products and service. It can also be useful just to teach your clients how to better use your service or product. One of the most common forms of  vlogs on the internet is cooking videos that teach audiences how to craft dishes from all over the world. By providing your clients with simple “how to” videos through your blog, you may see a new depth in loyalty and brand appreciation.

Let Our Team Help You

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