Ask yourself, “If I came to my website, would it cause me to want to buy my services?”

Web design is crucial to the success of any company. Believe it or not, but the look and design of your website actually matters to your customers. Subconsciously, the message of your business and the value of your product is reflected in the layout, colors, photos, videos, buttons, and words that you present on your website. All elements of design have an effect with how people interact with you. Web design matters.

The Handshake

Your website is a reflection of your value. It also acts as a storefront for your business. Thus, your website should be treated like the first impression or the initial handshake in meeting your customers. If your website is old and stale, people will expect the same kind of “behind the times” service or interaction with you.If your website is new and fresh, people will expect you to be “in the know” about the latest trends.

People often associate your brand and design with your service.

In most cases, a website design is the first influencer towards building client trust. If you want to build trust, then you must give people enough information to want to proactively pursue you. Try thinking of your website as an additional place of service. Give your clients the firm handshake that they will remember later. Give them the kind of service they will trust.


Does Marketing Or Web Design Come First?

The easiest answer is:


If you take your business seriously, then you need to strongly consider the way in which your customers perceive you. With the way that the world is growing in technology, then your website, followed closely by social media, should be the important part of your marketing efforts.

If your business strategy is to be amongst the best in your industry, then you must be able to present yourself as such. If your marketing goal is to be more precise towards a select group of customers then your website must built towards this with precision. Your website should also be directed towards your geography and demographics of population (in our case this is Tulsa). Your website should align with your market, goals, services, and audience.

Benefits To Good Web Design

  • Enormous Amounts of Leads and Visits
  • Repeat Visitors
  • Referrals Galore
  • Customer Conversion
  • High Amounts of Time Spent 
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Improved Reputation
  • High Levels of Customer Trust


Criteria For A Good Web Design

  • Easy Navigation From Page To Page
  • Quick Access To Key Pages (such as a contact page, about page, or services page).
  • High-Quality Pictures and Video
  • Simple Colors
  • Simple Design Elements and Open Spacing
  • Mobile Friendly or Responsive Design
  • A Homepage That Leads People To Their Needs
  • Social Media Integration

A good website will only magnify the value of your services. If you want to impress your clients, make your website a reflection of your excellence.

 Additional Important Aspects of a Good Website

Tulsa Web Design Experts

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