The Biggest Mistake With Websites

Let’s say that you’ve been in business for years now and it’s time to redo your company’s website so that you look relevant again. You’ve done your homework and you’ve located the Tulsa web builder that you were looking for. You’ve re-written the content of your website and made everyone take new pictures. Your website has been designed and you’ve announced your new website all over social media. But now what? The greatest mistake that most businesses make in this moment – walking away from their website.

What Do You Mean?

Many Tulsa businesses think that simply getting a new website and publishing it is all that it takes to separate them from the competition and put them first on Google. Even though we wish that Tulsa marketing was that easy, this is completely FALSE.

The truth to having a great website is to continually update it with fresh content, pictures, video, and even periodic design changes.

Why It’s A Mistake

One of the biggest reasons why leaving your website alone after launching is a huge mistake is that Google places a lot of their search results on how often your website is updated. Simply put, if you don’t update, you won’t be visible. You can ignore your website all you want, but you will lose. Search Engine Optimization is strictly based on having good content, with good keywords, posted as often as possible.

Think about this example: What is one of the most highly ranked sites on the internet? Wikipedia. Why? Because it offers new, constantly updated and fresh information. Many of their pages are updated daily as new world events take place or more research is added to specific pages.

How To Avoid This Mistake

The most important piece of advice is to get started. Your website needs to be up to date with relevant information that your viewers will find valuable. Here are a few tips for staying “relevant.”

  1. Post to your website at least once a week.
  2. Add new pieces of content to your existing pages.
  3. Write a regular blog post about your service areas, products or experience with a recent customer.
  4. Have a content or SEO company like Expect3 write and add content for you.
  5. Add information about your community involvement or recent business results.
  6. Update biographies and company information, awards, and accomplishments as much as possible.
  7. Update “stagnant” areas of your website that haven’t been touched in a while at least every one to two years.


A website should be treated like a living and breathing organism. Like your own business, it must change, grow, and improve over time. Updating your website with relevant information can have a profound effect on how many clients you get. Be aggressive. Update your website weekly or pay someone else to help you. Don’t get left behind by your competition on Google.

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