Social Media

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a group of mediated tools that allow people, organizations, groups, and businesses to connect with one another through the exchange of information, interests, ideas, and pictures. Often times, social media can be used as a virtual community or network that gives people with common interests a great tool for connections to one another. Social media can also be used as a great resource for the latest news and trends from the mouth of people within your community.

Why is Social Media Important?

Social Media is becoming the new “word of mouth” resource for most businesses. In fact, many businesses are learning the hard way that their reputation is often an exact reflection of what people are saying on social media. Why? Because this is where most people with internet access spend their free time and because people voice their opinions, beliefs, and experiences on social media. We are social beings that were created to connect to one another. Thus, with the use of technology, social media has become the greatest advocate for making connections to others.  

In order to have an impact on how someone connects with your business, you’re going to have to take social media seriously and invest in where your clients are spending their time and attention. These days, a potential client will go “Facebook stalk” you and research everything about you before they even pick up the phone to call you. Not to mention, it is an extremely cost-effective way to market your brand and advertise to those who might otherwise not even have known you existed. Honestly, to some customers, if you do not have social media, it might seem like you don’t care about your clients or you may have something to hide. 


How is it Used? 

The use of Social Media typically has three main objectives: to connect with others, to communicate news or actions about you, and to gather information about others. The majority of most potential clients will probably use social media to see what others are saying about your business and to learn about who you are. This means that your social media page should operate as another resource (in addition to your website) to give people information about you and the reliability of your product or services. Here are three basic ways how you can accomplish the three objectives above: 

  1. Connecting With Others – The easiest way to connect with others is to be vocal and to be active on your social media accounts. This means getting in the habit of posting several times a week. Your social media activity should include posting recent news about your business, interacting with your clients regularly by asking questions, and responding to the questions or postings by your clients. It’s also good to give back to your clients by communicating your appreciation of them or by giving away free parts of your products or services. This will also help draw people to want to connect with you.
  2. Communicating News or Actions – Many clients want to trust your business, but you have to give them reasons to do so.  This comes with letting people see into your business and consistently showing your personality. Pictures and Video can be a tremendous marketing tool when used in partnership with social media because they allow people to see who you are. It is also extremely important that you let people know what plans or changes are coming ahead for your business. The best thing you can do for your business brand to stay relevant is to stay active and present on social media platforms constantly.
  3. Gathering Information About Others – For some clients, it’s much easier to access your Facebook page than to actually go to your website. As a result, you will need to answer the common questions your clients may have and be very clear about what your business services and products. This means giving people basic information about your value and how you can help them. Think of your social media account as your dating profile. What pieces of information do you need for a client to want to go on a date with your business? 

What We Do

We take care of all the social media marketing for you. We will create or refresh your social media platforms to make them current, uniform, and branded along with your website. We will put together a social strategy that will work best for the results you desire from your social media marketing plan. Each platform can be harnessed in different ways and tailored to fit your needs as a company. Our goal is to reflect the heart of your business and then to drive individuals to you. We aim to get your brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible while also achieving target goals like phone calls, emails, social media likes, video views, and more.


What the Cool Kids are Using

There are several different platforms to choose from in the realm of social media:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • Youtube
  • Periscope

Let Us Help You! 

Our team at eXpect3 can help you take care of all your social media needs or consult with you on how you can improve your social media pages. To see more about how we do social media, please visit the contact us page on our website. Also, please feel free to send us a message on Facebook, send us a tweet, IM us on Instagramadd us to your circle, simply give us a call at (918)379-9400, or stop by our offices in Broken Arrow near Tulsa, OK. Let us help you get social!