Why Is Speed So Important?

Search Engines Love Speed

Search engines reward websites that put in the effort to be fast and efficient. Search engines can tell if a website has compressed images, minimal code, and quick server response time. Search engines will reward those who have those traits with higher indexing.

User Interface (Navigation)

Being able to navigate the entire website without refreshing the page feels both satisfying and novel. Users are more likely to stay on a website if they don’t have to wait for content to load. In addition, if the user can navigate throughout the website instantly, they will be much more likely to read all of the content that is displayed.

But How Does It Work?

On initial load, only the critical data is loaded to get your website visible as fast as possible. Once the initial page is loaded, our framework retrieves the rest of the data for the website in the background. By the time the user navigates to a different page, that page will already be loaded.

Simple and savvy feature set included with every website

FREE Security (SSL Certificate)

Having a secure website (i.e. “https://www…”) is becoming more prominent. We will keep you ahead of the curve by including an SSL certificate with every website built!

Scale To The Internet

Our hosting includes a global content delivery network, or CDN. That means your website will load incredibly fast from anywhere in the world!

Built on React

We build our websites using React – the same framework which Facebook, Instagram, and Imgur used to build their websites. This means that your website will have great potential for growth and a smooth navigation for every user on every device!

CMS Integration

We integrate our websites with WordPress so you can edit/adjust content however you’d like. You can edit the navigation, adjust the layout of content, upload/change media, edit the contact forms, run a blog, and much more!

Ready to

get started?

Or even if you have a question, lets talk. Shoot us a message and one of our Site Speed Experts will happily answer any questions you may have.