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Does Your Website Work For You?

Posted on: December 30th, 2019

When you’re promoting your business your website design and development is critical.

Having a mobile friendly will website will properly showcase your expertise, services, and products. We place your goals and target ideal users at the core of your web design. Our designs not only grab your visitors attention, but also provide them with the information they need at first glance. While our amazing designs are aesthetically pleasing, they are just as importantly usable. Here are a few essentials that every successful website will incorporate within the design and development.

Social Media Buttons 

Encourage multi-platform interaction with your audience and potential customers by including the links to your business social media pages.

Customer Testimonials/Reviews

Reviews and testimonials are a crucial component to the success of your website and business. When potential clientele see feedback from current or previous customers it can help them make a decision about moving forward. 

Calls To Action

Calls to action should be prominent at the top of the page, as well as, within the page. These calls to actions will funnel clients towards taking action, resulting in an increased revenue.

Contact Information

Potential clients want to contact you if needed. All company contact information should be included below the fold at the bottom of your website page. Depending on your company type, phone number and perhaps address and office hours can also be displayed near the top of your website.

Clear Navigation 

Navigation is a vital component within any website and one of the most essential features to your success. Clear links to other pages and features within the body of pages are necessary, so users can go where they want, within your site, without unnecessary scrolling or movement. Breadcrumb navigations and menu buttons are part of the navigation process.


Your tagline represents what your business does and should be prominently displayed at the top of your website. Your tagline is your brand. 

Domain Name

The optimal domain name is memorable and simply represents your business. 

By incorporating the above tips your company is optimizing the usability and overall experience of potential clientele. Our web usability and visibility enhancements are highly focused towards a high Return Of Investment (ROI), and making your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) more effective for the legal industry. 

If you are ready for an effective website that portrays the individuality of your law firm and converts online viewers into clients, call eXpect3 Digital Media Agency.