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Adjusting Marketing to COVID 19

Posted on: July 13th, 2020

Everybody is talking about the “new normal” when it comes to COVID 19.

This is of particular concern for businesses that have been negatively affected by the pandemic. But what is this new normal when it comes to marketing and what should businesses keep in mind when adjusting their marketing to COVID 19?

Stop Using Burned Out Terminology

If you want to stand out from the crowd stop using phrases like “the new normal”, “in these trying times”, “we’re in this together” etc. So many companies jumped on this terminology that these words have almost become meaningless and meme-like. Creativity still moves the marketplace so stand out on your own.

Be Helpful

Telling people what they already know doesn’t help separate you from your competitors. Share helpful information with your prospects specifically when it comes to using your product and services in “these trying times”.

Let Them Know You Are Open

This sounds so simple we can tend to forget it, but so many businesses have been closed for so long, you need to remind customers that you are conducting business again. Don’t be afraid to point out how your business handles itself in a more touch-free, socially-distant, safe way.

Give Them a Reason to Visit, Try or Buy

Some consumer habits have been so disrupted that there are big opportunities to create new ones. Now is your chance. If your competitors keep doing the same thing, it is an opportunity to demonstrate your difference. Make them an offer, provide something of value for free, and provide one-time only discounts. Get aggressive, especially when it comes to your digital marketing and SEO.

Economic changes often provide opportunity. This could be your chance to carve out a bigger piece of the pie but you need to get aggressive. If you need assistance in developing creative marketing strategies that have been proven effective, are trackable and work, contact Expect3 Digital Media to begin the discussion. We look forward to assisting you.