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Business Marketing Amid COVID-19

Posted on: June 12th, 2020


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If you don’t already have an integrated website marketing strategy in place that includes an effective website and SEO strategy, then you are missing out on valuable opportunities to reach and engage your leads online. Unfortunately, marketing has changed profoundly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will transition again when a “new normal” sets in. In this article, we will discuss how to optimize your business marketing until we understand what the “new normal” is. 

Avoid Exploitation

It is important to remain mindful of how your messaging can be perceived by your audience. Avoid verbiage that can be perceived as crass or opportunistic. Not all marketing is good marketing and the public backlash that can arise out of poor messaging can have a negative impact on your business. Your audience will appreciate your remaining more helpful than promotional.

Social Commerce

Brands across the world have adjusted their marketing strategy merging E-commerce and social media making social commerce a new normal. Social media allows companies to gauge consumer response in correlation with brands. This allows for both short term investments including increasing monthly sales via a social media campaign and long term corporate investments. Social media also gives you the ability to create a customized campaign to reach your audience. By closely monitoring your comments, you can stay on message and maintain a consistent tone across multiple channels. 

Provide COVID-19 Updates

 SimilarWeb reports, Americans have also been seeking out more established media brands for information on the public health crisis and its economic consequences. CNBC, the business news site, has seen readership skyrocket. While the website for The Washington Post has grown traffic more than 50 percent over the last month.

The National Institute of Health Has Provided Social Media Resources For American Companies

Share these Facebook and Twitter resources to encourage people to practice social distancing and help spread accurate information on COVID-19. Copy and paste into your feed. To download an image, right-click on the image (command-click on Mac), and then select the option to save the picture or file to your computer.


NIH Research

Mental Health

Social Distancing

Staying Active

Healthy Eating


Planning Ahead

In addition to controlled social and anthropological studies, observed behaviors in social networks allow computer scientists to investigate improved interface design, richer studies of social interactions, and improved design of content distribution. The ability to capture user behavioral data has grown in concert with the increased use of social networks bringing the possibility of large-scale mathematical modeling of human populations in a controlled environment. Macro-analyses of users’ behavior has helped researchers understand trends, attitudes, social contagion, in order to improve advertising and marketing techniques. Use social media to understand your audience as the COVID-19 Pandemic evolves.