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Consulting: What To Expect

Posted on: May 11th, 2020

At eXpect3 Digital Media Agency we take the time to learn about your business/organization through marketing consulting. Our team of professionals get to know how your company’s mission and how you operate. We then cultivate a personalized strategic plan. This includes measurable goals that tie into overall business objectives, timetables to follow, buyer personas to target, types of content to prepare, keywords to use, and metrics to analyze.


At eXpect3 we measure the success of every strategy our team implements. Our strategies are specific, attainable, and importantly measurable. Our process begins consultation by identifying revenue generation goals. 

We start with the basic questions:

Next we identify how many leads are needed and how much traffic is required to reach our target goal. There are two top types of leads which include MQL and SQL.

Marketing Qualified Lead

A MQL is a lead who has indicated interest in what a brand has to offer based on marketing efforts or is otherwise more likely to become a customer than other leads.

Sales Qualified Leads

A SQL is a prospect created by the marketing department and vetted by the sales team.

Last, we determine how many sales are needed to reach your target revenue, and identify your closing rate. Our data strategists can then build on the reliable foundation of strategy, implementation, and optimization.” 


It is vital to every industry that reports and reporting become a core part of your day to day marketing operations and workflows. Companies need to know their marketing spend is delivering bottom-line results by identifying, reaching, engaging, converting, and retaining more customers. According to Marketing Operations Manager Crystal Monroe, “Every client requires a unique partnership with eXpect3 Digital Media Agency to address specific challenges, opportunities, and goals. The reporting from eXpect3 offers actionable insights, and we are continuously learning from the website user, in order to make smarter decisions and improve your business results.

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