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Emerging Marketing Trends

Posted on: March 18th, 2020

The world of marketing is ever changing.  What has worked in the past (insert yellow pages here) may not work for today. Techniques, Data Algorithms, Platforms and New Customer Demands always in constant motion and for the lone marketer, it’s hard to keep up. Your marketing should hold on what is working, learn to embrace new processes and adjust to the times. If your marketing is not staying on top of the changes, chances are you will get left behind.

Customer Experience

No matter what type of business you have, the customer experience is one of the most important factors in marketing. Customers have instant access to share their opinion as it relates to your business. All businesses are affected by testimonies and reviews. People are going to spread the word about your business regardless of a positive or negative experience.

As a business you need to create a lasting memory in the minds of your customers. Having a solid brand and the messaging to go with it, is a great place to start.  Share your brand’s story through one on one interaction. People want to be connected. When you can connect your business with their experience, you make it easy for the customer to share their experience with others. You can help shape your customer’s experience by providing a high level of customer service at every interaction.

Staff Engagement

How you treat your staff and how they interact with your customers is taken into consideration before a customer picks up the phone or comes to your door. Companies that openly share good things about their staff are on the right track. This could be as simple as mentioning a new promotion using social media, pictures that show a catered lunch, or how the staff is giving back in the community.  Allowing your staff to share, with proper guidelines in place, their work experience tells customers you care. If a customer finds out that you don’t treat your staff well, they will most likely go somewhere else.

e-commerce changes

Gone are the days of brick and mortar shops as the only option. E-commerce has taken over how we shop, and  if you sell anything online, consider using social media to drive your online business. You can use the power of social media to engage your customers. You need to provide a way for your customers to review your products and rate your customer service. Think of every interaction, every question, every comment on social media as a way to communicate to your customers.  Every interaction may not lead to a sale, but keep in mind that everything on social media is tracked and recorded. The speed of how you respond, the quality of your response (how you respond to both good and bad comments) and the personal assistance that you provide is preserved.

Keeping track of marketing trends can be time consuming.  As a business owner, you need to make sure you have a qualified marketing team at your disposal. eXpect3 is a full service digital marketing agency.  We are always on top of the current trends and can customize our services to meet your business’s needs.  Contact us today!