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The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Posted on: July 9th, 2020

Some businesses question the value of search engine optimization or the investment in time and money effective SEO takes.

The reality is SEO is having an increasingly powerful effect on how consumers can or cannot find you. Today, verbal and more localized searches add even more to the importance of SEO. An example may be that of three drivers heading to the same city 200 miles away. One will rely solely on road signs. The second will have a map and the third will have a state of the art, updated, and accurate GPS system that accounts for traffic and construction. While the driver using road signs and even the map may be able to get to their destination eventually, they may waste time and money along the way. The driver using the latest technology and strategies will likely get there first. 

In terms of SEO, this has holds powerful benefits.

SEO Will Get You Noticed

When performed well and consistently, SEO should get you closer and closer to the top of the search engine rankings. This gets you more attention.

Builds Credibility

Improved search engine rankings bring along with it a sense of credibility. Higher rankings lead to a sense of trust and confidence in consumers that is tough to beat.

Establishes Expertise

Higher SEO rankings help position you as an expert in your field. This can be enhanced through valuable, quality content on your website that continues to build on that credibility.

Builds a Better Connection with Consumers

According to Chief Marketing Operator, Crystal Monroe, “knowing the keywords and phrases consumers are likely using when searching for a product like yours immediately establishes a connection with those searching via a search engine.” Showing at or near the top of a search engine when typing in “Hometown, Auto Repair” makes a powerful impression.

Today, SEO is a sophisticated, high stakes battle for the hearts and wallets of consumers. It shouldn’t be left to tips and tricks. If you are ready to discuss taking SEO to the next level, contact eXpect3 Digital Media.