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What Do You Do When Your Content Library Is Not Hitting the Mark?

Posted on: July 19th, 2021

It is not uncommon for a piece of content to stop producing leads or to experience a drop in readership. One of the reasons for those situations is that old content fades as newer content becomes a fresher source of information. So what can you do to help older pieces of content regain vitality? Three ways to improve the performance of older pieces of content include, Evaluate, Align, and Adapt. Keep reading as we walk you through how these three chores help.

Evaluate to Affirm Marketing Goals

One problem is that as time passes, marketing goals change. If your older pieces of content are focused on past goals, then it is time to refresh them to work toward current marketing goals. An excellent place to start is with the CTA. Does it fit your current needs? Another evaluation is to ensure that the content is hitting the right spot in the buyer’s cycle or buyer’s journey.

Align Old Blogs and Articles with Marketing Objectives

Marketing objectives, like marketing goals, change. The objective of a piece of content differs slightly from a marketing goal. It is more about how the content achieves the goal — the tools it uses.

An excellent place to start when evaluating marketing objectives is to look at the relevance of linking/. Are the outbound links still hitting leadership quality targets? You can also check the ranking of the content as that will change too. Finally, look at new content for the topic, or keywords may push down older content. Finally, have a look at who is outperforming your content and why.

Adapt Old Content with Fresh Headers, Geo-tags, and Updated Keyword/Phrases.

The potency of keywords changes quickly. If you notice a drop in readerships or CTR, then look at the vitality of the keywords for that content. If you are working in the local market, be sure to update geo-tags. An excellent place to add new keywords is the headers. The styling of your content can also be an issue. Can people quickly scan the piece?

The goal is to bring old pieces of content out of the closet and put them center stage. You can do that by evaluating, aligning, and adapting the content to fit today’s market. For more information about how to do all of these tasks, give us a call,(918) 379-9400.